The LABOUR-INT 1 Follow Up

Milan, Germany and Belgium

This action will follow up on the three LABOUR-INT 1 pilot actions implemented in Belgium, Germany and Italy (Milan) and will be expanded according to the guidelines provided by the EGSM. The objectives of this action are to:

- take stock and further disseminate the results achieved under the LABOUR-INT 1 national pilot actions by bringing together as many as possible stakeholders involved in the labour market integration of asylum-seekers and refugees, especially those who did not take part in the previous pilot actions.

- raise awareness and possible sign a multi-stakeholder alliance inspired by the European Partnership for Integration signed by the European Commission and the Economic and Social Partners on 20 December 2017, at the local/regional/national level.

 International Conference of the Project "Labour-INT" by DGB and ETUC Berlin, September 3rd, 2020