Naples, Italy

“Bridging the gap from reception to integration. A Holistic Approach to the Labour Integration through a multi-stakeholder cooperation in Athens, Greece”.

This pilot action aims at favouring migrants’ legal employment opportunities in the Campania region where recently arrived migrants (mostly asylum and protection seekers) are hosted in reception centres or simply settled in urban centres such as Naples.

Recent facts have shown that in the South of Italy, recently arrived migrants are easy targets for gang-masters (“caporalato”) who are very active in the agricultural sector. In absence of regular channels for labour migration, recently arrived migrants, in a vulnerable socio-economic situation, cannot find regular entries in the labour market and are forced underpaid

long hours’ (10-12 hours a day) working days, in extreme precarious conditions and with inadequate protections. In this area, the LABOUR-INT approach will match the integration model with the fight against illegality.

The pilot action will build on a protocol signed in May 2016 aiming at fighting “caporalato” and exploitation in the agricultural sector by several stakeholders (employment, agricultural and interior ministers, various regions in the South of Italy (including Campania), sectoral trade unions (UILA, FLAI, FAI), cooperatives, NGOs, etc.

The pilot action is implemented by UILA Campania e Napoli.